New year’s bookish resolutions

Apparently this post got deleted, so I’m rewriting it… Just know that this sucks!

For this year I decided to make some new year’s resolutions. This is something I avoid doing, as I always end up failing… I tried many times to:haha

  • eat more vegetables
  • make some sports
  • eat less chocolate…

Of course none of these ended up well. On the contrary! Usually my resolutions would last some days and would see me on the last day eating chocolate like there’s no tomorrow!

So, why now?! Well, I know that I can stick to some bookish resolutions, this is why I want to set a couple of goals for myself:

  • try to read at least 10 books written by Nobel Prize winners (culture, people!);
  • read (almost) all the books I already have at home;
  • don’t buy new books until I read those mentioned above (or at least don’t buy more than one book every 4 months);
  • try to resell or donate the books I don’t want to keep;
  • read at least 55 books.

I’m trying to embrace a more simple lifestyle, with less clutter and possessions, which (alas!)  means also less books. I don’t want to become a minimalist, but I also don’t want to live surrounded by a total mess! This is why I have to stop buying books and read those I already have.

Moreover, I also want to read more good, more “important” books and I think the winning of the Nobel Prize can be a good indicator if something is considered good or not…

Finally, I want to read at least 55 books, as I set in my 2017 Goodreads reading challenge.

What about you? Which (bookish) resolutions did you make? Let me know in the comments!

And take a look at my 2017 reading challenge:

2017 Reading Challenge

Elisa has
read 2 books toward
her goal of
55 books.

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