One day at the Lake Garda

This is my first post on travels. I reckon it’s not that special trip I made, but it’s nice to begin this category telling about one of my favourite places in Italy and where I spend many weekends during the year.

This past weekend I went with my dad and granddad at the Lake Garda. This is what we did.

We left home early in the morning and arrived in Lonato around 10.30. We had to do some errands, but afterwards we went to buy some wine at the Cantine La Pergola in Moniga del Garda. It’s a nice place where you can buy their local wine, oil and salami. You can also taste their products.

We ate lunch at the Osteria San Cipriano, a small tavern, with a nice selection of dishes. Then we went to a local market to buy some delicious cheeses.

After that we went shopping (or so we thought) at the shopping center Il Leone. There were SO MANY PEOPLE! You can’t imagine that. We just bought some sushi to eat for dinner and left towards our last stop: the butcher shop Centro Carni dei Colli Storici in Pozzolengo. There, we bought some local salami before heading back home.

As you can see, my family loves good and local food. I can only recommend to try all kinds of food you can, if you’d ever visit Italy. You’ll find something particular and delicious everywhere you go!

Did you already visit the southern part of the Lake Garda? Where did you go? What did you see and what did you eat? Let me know in the comments!

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And finally: a couple of pictures I took:


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