My (mis)adventure in Dublin

In 2011 I spent one month in Dublin to study English for a language certification.

This was probably the best time of my life: I was finally living in a big city for a while, I got to know people who would become some of my best friends of all times and I was happy. Truly happy.


Can you imagine that it all started with me walking down a flooded road, at night and in the cold, with water up to my thighs?!

Well, yes! My big adventure in Dublin started like this:


It was the end of October 2011 and it was one of my first days of language school. I had classes in the morning and in the evening, until 9 pm. It was raining, but I thought it wasn’t something to be bothered about: I was aware that the Irish weather is rainy…

girl-person-human-childDuring the afternoon I went around the city center with my new friend D. (who has then become my best friend) and my shoes were totally wet. I purchased some wellies, thinking these would be enough to survive until the next day…

Of course I was wrong! After class, at 9.30 pm more or less, I took the bus to get back home. I had a 40 minutes ride to do, but when I was almost home, the bus stopped. Everyone who was going in my direction had to proceed by foot: the bus couldn’t go any further and was deviated.

As soon as I stepped off the bus I saw… the sea on the road! I literally saw the sea on my road home! There was water everywhere and people almost swimming in it (no joke). I had to cross that flooded street to go home (I could have also walked around the block but it would have taken me at least 30 minutes more than just go for it). As I was super tired and already soaked, I decided I could cross the road – pardon, almost swim on the road – and go home early.

A kind man helped me find the least deep path, but as you can imagine, if I’d just swam it would have made no difference. The water reached my thighs and of course my wellies were useless. I managed to get home, though (were I had no heating, but this is another story…)!

This was the situation on the next days in St. Stephen’s Green: these were not ponds, but flooded flowerbeds! At least now I have some story to tell… I hoped you liked it!


What has been your biggest (dis)adventure? Let me know in the comments!


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