Let’s declutter with the KonMari app

Today I’m going to talk about the KonMari app (download link), only available for iOS.

I found out about this app while reading the book “The life-changing magic of tyding up” and decluttering my room and I downloaded it, thinking I might find some good advice (and because I was curious).


The app lets you create an account or sign up using Facebook. It is totally free, which is convenient, and it allows you have your own personal progress dashboard, earn badges and connect with the community of other fellow app users. 


You can check the lists in the 5 categories to declutter in the KonMari method and keep track of your progress. Every time you finish decluttering one category,you earn a badge. You also earn a badge when you read each of Marie Kondo’s books. Furthermore, you can publish pictures of your stuff before and after your decluttering process.


There is a section where Marie Kondo publishes brief articles and news about decluttering, about herself or other certified consultants.

What do I think?

In my opinion this app is a fun way to keep track of your decluttering progress. Who doesn’t like a good badge when one completes a task?! I haven’t posted any pictures, though, because I didn’t like the idea of people seeing my messy room.

The app is just an addition to the book, it doesn’t substitute it. You won’t get all the information you’d get by reading the book, but it’s a nice way to get to know the KonMari method and maybe try it out before committing to it.

Read about how I decluttered my books and my handbag.


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