I met Harry, Ron and Hermione!

In 2016 I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the maybe most anticipated theatre show of the year: “Harry Potter and the cursed child“!

••• you can hate me for 30 seconds… ok, on we go! •••

I had been looking for tickets months before the premiere but they were all sold out or I couldn’t find tickets to see both parts of the show just a couple of days apart.

On a sunny day of July, I found myself in front of the computer waiting for my chance to do my purchase. The tickets (part 1 & 2 on the same day) were made available only for Pottermore fans.


I was sure as hell something had to go wrong, because… well, because of Murphy’s law! But apparently this time luck was on my side and I GOT THE TICKETS!

Fast forward to London on the day of the show: something had to go wrong (Murphy, don’t be surprised if you haven’t got any friends), as I got a terrible headache. Nonetheless I enjoyed the show and I can say: it was amazing! Awesome! Spectacular! Magical! Fantastic!


It was my first time to ever see a “real” show at a big and famous theatre such as the Palace Theatre in London (of which you see a couple of pictures here). The actors were so talented that I’m sure I would have liked the show even if the plot was terrible. Fortunately it wasn’t. It’s the West End we’re talking about after all!


I don’t want to spoil the show to any of you (I’m “keeping the secrets“), as you might be able to see it or at least to read the script. I loved that there were some magical tricks involved. I don’t know why, but I didn’t expect it, so I was pleasantly surprised!

After the show I waited outside the theatre and I got to see most of the actors, who also signed my programme! I have a special mention for the young man who played Scorpius Malfoy, Anthony Boyle: an amazing actor, who was able to portray such a delicate character so that you couldn’t possibly hate him (being Draco’s son, this was a real possibility). I hope I’ll be able to see him in other plays in the future.

I loved that we were given the opportunity again to dive into the magical world of Harry Potter through a brand new medium! I’m sure this play is sprinkling a little magic in everybody’s life and I’m happy that in 2018 it will conquer even Broadway!

Did you see the play or read the script? Tell me about your experience and thoughts!


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  1. I’m seeing this in may! I’m so excited!x


    1. Ellis says:

      It is good! You should come back and let me know your thoughts! 😃

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I sure will I was thinking of writing a review blog about it x


      2. Ellis says:

        That’s even better! I’ll wait for it then 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Ellis says:

      I was so lucky! I suggest you to register on Pottermore. Sometimes they have nice offers for fans. They already sold tickets for the show twice!


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