Books vs. eBooks vs. audiobooks: the ultimate battle

Toady we’re going to talk about the ultimate battle between physical books, eBooks and audiobooks. Let’s see what my thoughts about them are.

I won’t consider the price of these medium in the battle, as it depends on personal preference and choices. All the three mediums can be really expensive or really cheap. I might write a post about it one day, but for the time being, let’s just not consider it and… let’s get into the real battle!

Transport • When it comes to carry around one of these mediums, well, an eBook reader easily wins the battle. It can contain hundreds of books in the same space of a single (small) physical book. And it’s way less heavy. The battery, moreover, lasts longer than your phone’s or iPod’s and you can just carry your eBook reader with you on a vacation without worrying about charging it. • 1 point to the eBook!

Multitasking • With a book in your hands you can’t do much, as it’s kind of tricky to turn pages while doing other things. It’s easier with an eBook reader: you can easily turn pages and read while eating or drinking, for example, but you can’t drive or walk… This is something you can do with an audiobook, though! • 1 point to the audiobook!

pexels-photo1Readability everywhere • Try to read a book while laying in bed. Either it is heavy to hold on top of your face, or you can easily read just one of the pages and then turn your neck awkwardly. This is easier with an eBook reader or with whatever you use to listen to audiobooks (just, don’t use the computer, haha). Moreover, you can use those devices with just one hand… • 1 point to the eBook + 1 point to the audiobook!

Appearance • Your eBook reader and audiobook device look always the same. Physcal books, on the other hand, are different one from the other: their cover, the details, embossings, velvety covers, thickness of the pages, the colors, the smell, the weight, the title font. It’s a complete experience, which I adore! • 1 point to the book!

Shopping • I can buy an eBook or audiobook at home and instantly have it on my device, while for a physical book I have to go to a bookshop or wait for it to arrive at home if I order it online… However, if you don’t know exactly what you want to buy and read, browsing in a bookstore is a completely different experience, which is most of the time totally useful and more convenient than just browsing around the Internet • 1 point to everyone!

Languages • When you read a book in another language and you don’t understand something, usually you search the words in a dictionary. Well, sometimes eBook readers have a dictionary option right there and then, which saves you a lot of time. • 1 point to the eBook!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Focus • If I listen to an audiobook read in my mother tongue I get easily distracted. I end up missing parts of the book, so I’m forced then to rewind in order to catch up. I find that listening to audiobooks in another language than my own helps me with that, as I have to stay focused to understand the words and the context, therefore I will listen to (almost) the whole book. But if I actively read a book, well then I follow the whole story, start to end. • 1 point to the book + 1 point to the eBook!

Let’s count the points!

  • book: 3
  • eBook: 5
  • audiobook: 3

In the end, I personally enjoy the whole experience of reading a physical book more, but I have to admit that for what concerns practicality, the eBook is the winner here.

What do you think about it? Which one wins the battle for you?


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  1. Good points! I tried audiobooks as an easy way to enjoy a book in bed, but got frustrated with falling asleep listening to it and losing my spot which meant I didn’t really read the whole book or in order. I did like the soothing voices though!


    1. Ellis says:

      That’s something I’ve been struggling with, myself. I can’t help but fall asleep when listening to audiobooks in bed, so I just gave up. This happens to me even if I read a normal book, but at least I put my bookmark inside the book…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I tried timers like shutting off after 30 mins or a chapter but still wasn’t as helpful as a bookmark!


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