Peculiar things around the world | Gas street lights in London

In London there are still some gas street lights. I’ve read about them in an article on the Daily Mail some time ago and when I went to London I couldn’t miss them!

These glowing sentry posts are among the last Victorian gas lamps in London. In a city blazing with electricity, with office lights left on all night, these 19th-century survivors offer a glimpse of the city as it was when Charles Dickens wrote his dark and smoggily gripping novels. []

I found them on Kensington Palace Gardens and I have to say, I had to look twice before realizing I was looking at gas street lamps. Just when I saw a flickering light and saw a little flame in a (maybe) broken lamp, I realized what I was looking at.

There are just 1,500 gas lamps left in London, each one hand-lit by a member of a five man team every evening. []

It is a marvelous show, one that you can rarely see nowadays and I recommend you to go and check the gas street lamps out, when you happen to be in London!


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