The 100 – books vs. TV series​

I love dystopian novels. I also love dystopian movies and TV series, like The 100.

I have been watching the TV series The 100 since forever and when I discovered there were books, too, I was so happy that I bought the whole boxed set! I’ll leave you the direct links at the end of this article to buy all the products mentioned!

I read the books almost one year ago and I liked them, but I was expecting more… This was inevitable: after having watched the TV series for a while, I had high expectations. I wanted action, a twisted plot, violence… Take a look at the trailers…

Now let me tell you the plot of the books… I tried to be as general as possible, but there might be some spoilers, so if you want to avoid them, come back and read this after you’ve read the books and leave your opinion in the comment section.

The 100 [***/5]

The 1st book takes place 300 years after a nuclear apocalypse. The human race now lives on a spaceship, where, because of the lack of space, all crimes are punishable by death, unless the person who committed the crime is under 18. 100 of teenagers, who were arrested for different crimes, get sent to Earth, to investigate whether or not it is habitable. There, they try to survive but soon discover that they are not alone.

book the 100 kass morgan

The 100: day 21 [****/5]

The 2nd book takes place 21 days after the landing on Earth. The 100 face recurring attacks, but manage to held an Earthborn girl hostage. In the meantime, the colony’s life-support begins to fail and people fight to get into the dropships to travel to Earth. On Earth, the 100 discover a colony of Earthborn and that there are other people, a group of renegades, that are responsible for the attacks on the campsite of the 100. The Earthborn promise to keep the 100 and the rest of the colony, whose dropships are landing, safe.

The 100 book day 21

The 100: Homecoming [****/5]

After the dropships crash, the 100 lead a rescue party to the crash site. The Vice-Chancellor takes control and plans an attack towards the Earthborn, which will lose, at the end.

I know there is also a fourth book, The 100: Rebellion, released in December 2016, but I haven’t read it yet. I will write my review on it as soon as I read it!

The 100 book homecoming

I prefer the TV series. The books are good and I definitely recommend you to read them, but if I have to compare them to the TV series, then the latter wins. It’s more adventurous, there are more action, plot twists, and emotions. I was expecting more from the books. If you haven’t seen the series yet, I suggest you read the books first, in order to appreciate them without too high expectations and then fall in love with the series.

Did you read or watched The 100? What are your thoughts about them? Let me know in the comments below!


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The 100: Rebellion | | (EN) | Bookdepository

Boxed set | | (EN) | Bookdepository

TV series | | S1, S2 |


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