Watch “The Martian” with me

Today you’ll read another kind of post.

I’m watching The Martian right now, after reading the book. And be warned: there will be spoilers ahead!

Ok, it is true to the book, leaving out some things that are not too much important.

But what about the journey from the hub to the mav?! What? Everything fine and that’s all?! Not a single tempest. Nothing. That was maybe my favorite part of the book.

Well, let me finish it and I’ll come back later…

Not so much later…

And they’re wandering out of the spaceship (in space!) without being anchored with a chord or something. Just try and let go of the spaceship. Try. Then tell me about it.

Then they decide to do Iron Man. I’m not sure about this… not sure at all! It was going well until the 2nd hour in…

Aaand finished!

I liked that, overall. Not a great fan of the last bit but I enjoyed the movie and I would recommend it!

Did you see it? Let me know your thoughts about it!

Photo credits: Twentieth Century Fox


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