Weekend recap #1

Hi everyone!

This weekend has been a good one for me, so I’ll tell you about it. And let me start with Friday evening when I went around Bressanone to watch the fountains that have had a makeover for the Water Ligh Festival. This festival will end on the 21st of May, but I’ll bet something similar will be organized for this coming winter…

On Saturday I went on the mountain for lunch. We ate typical tyrolean food at the Gasthof Ortner, where we also enjoyed the view over Bressanone. I also went for a walk in the woods near Rasa afterward.

In the afternoon I adopted this plant, which I then transferred to this lovely frog-like pot (with feet!). I just have to find a name for it (yes, I name plants), so if you have any ideas, let me know in the comments below!

On Sunday, we all went out for lunch for Mum’s day. This time we ate at the Villscheiderhof under the hot sun. I then went for a walk and spent the rest of the afternoon at my grandma’s.

What did you do? And what should I name my plant? Leave me a comment below and if you like this blog subscribe!


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