My holiday reads wrap-up

After 6 long years, I finally went to the sea in summer! And what could I do on the beach other than reading a book?!

In fact, I’ve read 4 (and one manga): The Program and The Treatment by Suzanne Young; The Giver and Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry. All of them dystopian novels.

The Program: suicide among teenagers has become an epidemic. The Program was created to cure it. Teenagers undergo a brainwash where all their “bad” memories are erased.

I really enjoyed the book. It had some very nice plot twists and the story was interesting.

The Treatment: the main characters from The Program are on the run.

That’s it. They escape, something happens but eventually, there’s a happy ending. Not as interesting as the first book, it disappointed me.

The Giver: in the year if his 12th birthday, Jonas gets selected to become the next Receiver of Memory.

Another good book with an interesting story, which I enjoyed so much that I couldn’t stop reading it. Not as much as the 2nd book in the series.

Gathering Blue: In a dystopian world, Kira should be dead, as she cannot walk properly. She has a great talent, though, and when her mother dies, she begins working for the chiefs of the village. Again, something happens but we surely don’t have the ending we’re expecting.

I didn’t like this book so much. The story is a bit “flat”… Nothing exceptional, really.

Did you read these books? What are you planning to read during the summer? Let me know!


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