Welcome to my head


Life isn’t always easy. We try to seem happy, strong, to be socially accepted. We try to be someone else, to conceal our flaws. We try hard not to seem weak, so that we’re well considered by those who surround us. 

We try to be slimmer, thicker, taller, smaller, to talk more or to talk less… to say, to like and to even think the right things. All of that for the benefit of others. 

We try to be perfect

We try so hard that sometimes we forget who we really are

I try so hard that I don’t even know who I am. I try to seem strong. I’m really not. It’s hard to pretend to be like that every moment of every day. I try to say the right things and not to hurt others. That makes me crazy at times. I try to seem happy and satisfied by my life and career. I just wish there could be something more

So, who are you? Are you happy with whom you’ve become? 


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