Lake Braies

Lake Braies is a colorful lake located in the Dolomites, in the north-eastern part of South Tyrol, famous nowadays because of the Italian TV series “Un passo dal cielo” (One step from heaven), starring Terence Hill.

While in winter it seems like any other frozen lake, in summer its remarkable turquoise color pops out and shines under the sun. It’s really amazing!

But don’t expect to find a paradise there. Being that famous, it is always full of tourists hiking around it or renting a boat. You won’t be able to snap that perfect travel blogger picture, posing alone in the little boat in the middle of the lake. Maybe try not to go there on a Sunday in the middle of the summer… even if the weather wasn’t nice, I found an enormous crowd!

There’s a parking (6€/3h) and a hotel, but I wouldn’t advice you to stay there too long. Why don’t you go there for a couple of hours, hike around, take the ritual pictures and then go for lunch in Brunico, not far away? You’ll be surprised by the beauty of this little town and you’ll be able to eat some decent traditional food.

There are other beautiful lakes in South Tyrol that I plan to tell you about. But now it’s your turn to tell me which other lakes in the world I should see!


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