The 8th wonder

A few minutes from the city center of Bressanone there’s an old cloister, called Novacella (meaning new cloister – at that time). 

It’s a relatively famous destination in the area and it counts a colorful church and a huge library, every reader’s dream! 

Dating back to 1140, it stills hosts a community of Augustinian monks, which amongs other things produce wine and serve more than 20 parishes. To the complex belong a wineyard, the church, the library, a convention center and the dormrooms. 

You can reach this beauty taking the bus (around 10 minutes ride) from Bressanone, or by car.

In the center of the courtyard there’s a fountain with some paintings on it. It shows the seven wonders plus the eighth one: Novacella! Do you think it’s right? 


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