Living in a bubble

I’m not a physical person. I don’t hug people and I don’t get too close to them. Not because I don’t trust or like people in general, but because I need time to feel at ease near someone. But even if I feel at ease with some people, that might not mean that I’d hug them. I might like someone very much, but don’t feel the urge to be close.

The anthropologist Edward T. Hall described the distance between people. There are 4 zones:

  1. intimate space (<45 cm): very, very, VERY few people in the whole world can get into my intimate space. I really need to trust that person a lot.
  2. personal space (45-120 cm): for relatives and friends.
  3. social space (1,2-3,7 m): for acquaintances.
  4. public space (>3,7 m): public speaking, which is the space my mum would swear she’s been segregated into (of course she hasn’t been).

I imagine my intimate space as a (holographic, why not?!) bubble surrounding me. I just don’t want anything around, above or below me invading my intimate space. I value it a lot because It’s my comfort zone. And I’m sure my intimate and personal space are a tiny bit bigger than Hall’s definition.

But this is nothing bad or abnormal. Every one of us has those spaces! I just thought a holographic bubble would be more fun!


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