Bressanone: city flair in the heart of the Alps


A short while ago I found myself writing the following text, which hasn’t been used. Since I put an effort in writing it I thought I could share it with the world of the Internet. So, there you go…

Skiing in the morning, lunch in a lodge, at the Christmas Market in the afternoon and dinner in an elegant restaurant. Bressanone offers all this – and more!

This small city in the heart of South Tyrol offers many things to do all year round. Winter sports lovers will find marvellous ski slopes covered in snow, conveniently near to the city centre, while in summer the breath-taking panorama of the Dolomites will delight hikers and their families.

Come and get to know the long history of Bressanone while strolling around the city centre or visiting the Diocesan Museum Hofburg Brixen, the cathedral, and its cloister. Discover the little corners, the typical architecture and the charming surroundings of the city, like the Augustinian Canons Regular monastery in Novacella, with its library that houses the tiniest manuscript in the world.

Let yourself seduce by the festive atmosphere of the city centre during Christmas time, when you can visit the Christmas market, the many fashion shops under the covered walkways and – in the evening – treat yourself to dinner in one of the elegant restaurants, which can combine the traditional south tyrolean dishes with the sophistication of the modern cuisine.



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